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Next-generation biological vector platforms for in vivo delivery of genome editing agents. Leclerc, D.; Siroky, M. D.; Miller, S. M. Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 85:103040 (2024). PDF


Previous publications:

High-throughput continuous evolution of compact Cas9 variants targeting single-nucleotide-pyrimidine PAMs. Huang, T.P.; Heins, Z.J.; Miller, S.M.; Wong, B.G.; Balivada, P.A.; Wang, T.; Khalil, A.S.; Liu, D.R. Nat Biotechnol in press, available online (2022). PDF

Base Editing of Hematopoietic Stem Cells Rescues Sickle Cell Disease in Mice. Newby, G. A.; Yen. J. S.; Woodard, K. J.; Mayuranathan, T.; Lazzarotto, C. R.; Li, Y.; Sheppand-Tillman, H.; Porter, S. N.; Yao, Y.; Mayberry, K.; Everette, K. A.; Jang, Y.; Podracky, C. J.; Thaman, E.; Lechauve, C.; Sharma, A; Henderson, J. M.; Richter, M. F.; Zhao, K. T.; Miller, S. M.; Wang, T.; Koblan, L. W.; McCaffrey, A. P.; Tisdale, J. F.; Kalfa, T. A.; Pruett-Miller, S. M.; Tsai, S. Q.; Weiss, M. J.; Liu, D. R. Nature 595, 295-302 (2021). PDF

Phage-assisted continuous and non-continuous evolution. Miller, S. M.; Wang, T; Liu, D. R. Nature Protocols. 15, 4101-4127 (2020). PDF

Continuous evolution of SpCas9 variants compatible with non-G PAMs.  Miller, S. M.; Wang, T; Randolph, P.B.; Arbab, M; Shen, M.W.; Huang, T.P.; Matuszek, Z; Newby, G.A.; Rees, H.A; Liu, D.R. Nat. Biotechnol. 38, 471-481  (2020). PDF

Circularly Permuted and PAM-Modified Cas9 variants broaden the targeting scope of base editors.
Huang, T. P.; Zhao, K. T.; Miller, S. M.; Gaudelli, N. M.; Oakes, B. L.; Fellmann, C.; Savage, D. F.; Liu, D. R. Nat. Biotechnol . 37, 626-631 (2019). PDF

Simultaneous Targeting of Linked Loci in Mouse Embryos Using Base Editing. Lee, H. K.; Willi, M.; Smith, H. E.; Miller, S. M.; Liu, D. R.; Liu, C.; Hennighausen, L. Sci. Rep. 9, 1662 (2019). PDF 

Targeting Fidelity of Adenine and Cytosine Base Editors in Mouse Embryos. Lee, H. K.; Willi, M.; Miller, S. M.; Kim, S.; Liu, C; Liu, D. R.; Hennighausen, L. Nat. Commun. 9: 4804. 1-5 (2018). PDF

Evolved Cas9 Variants with Broad PAM Compatbility and High DNA Specificity. Hu, J. H.; Miller, S. M.; Geurts, M. H.; Tang, W.; Chen, L.; Sun, N.; Zeina, C.; Gao, X.; Rees, H. A.; Lin, Z.; Liu, D. R. Nature 556, 57-63 (2018). PDF

A manganese catalyst for highly reactive yet chemoselective intramolecular C (sp3)–H amination. Paradine, S. M., Griffin, J. R., Zhao, J., Petronico, A. L., Miller, S. M., White, M. C. Nature Chemistry 7(12), 987-994. (2015)

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